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Agency Membership 

To access the online cruise training and unique trade resources, all Agents are invited to create their own personal “Individual Agent Membership” (IAM) with us. The first stage of this IAM application asks you to affiliate with the CLIA-member Agency you work for. If your agency is not yet a member of CLIA, the form below is for creating a new Agency Membership.

We have two Agency membership categories available; STANDARD and HOMEWORKER. The membership benefits extended to individuals at each are identical – the only difference being the number of Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs) they can host.

We also invite Colleges or Universities with Travel and Tourism courses wishing to access the training to join our ALPHA Membership programme, offering up to 50 Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs) for their students.

  • STANDARD AGENCY MEMBERSHIP £312.50 + VAT (12 months)
    Up to 10 Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs) can be created
    This category applies to any agency with a physical business address – including both High Street agencies or larger Call-centre style business premises.
  • HOMEWORKER AGENCY MEMBERSHIP £130.00 + VAT (12 months)
    Up to 2 Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs) can be created
    This category applies to any agency based at home, with no separate business address.
  • ALPHA MEMBERSHIP £531.00 (12 months)
    Up to 50 Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs) can be created
    This category applies to College or University Programmes.

Annual Membership – with Pro Rata discounts 

Membership runs from 1st January for 12 months, so new Agency memberships made throughout the year will be subject to pro-rata membership terms to bring you in line with this.

  • New membership applications from 1st April onwards each year, will be eligible for a 25% discount on the 12 month rate.
  • New membership applications from 1st July onwards each year, will be eligible for a 50% discount on the 12 month rate.

Payment Options 

Payment can be completed online by credit or debit card.

Please note that this form accepts payment in GBP Sterling only.

Alternatively, you can request to receive an Invoice for your selected Agency Membership. Payment for this would be made by BACS transfer.

Confirmation of successful Applications 

The Agency Membership process is automated, and following payment you should receive an email to confirm your newly issued Agency Number with CLIA.

We then encourage you and your colleagues to make use of the available Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs) included within your Membership. Full details of this can be found here.

New agencies will receive a welcome pack in the post, usually within 14 days of your successful application. Please note that currently with restrictions on our access to the CLIA office, Welcome packs will be issued digitally.


Should you wish to cancel your CLIA Agency Membership at any point during the pre-paid 12 months of membership, no refunds are applicable unless the below cancellation terms as specified in the Refund Policy are met.

Additional Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs) required? 

We understand that some agencies with larger teams may require more than the 10 Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs) extended to the Standard Membership category. The application form offers the opportunity for those applying as a Standard Member to opt for additional Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs).

Consortia Affiliation? 

We work in collaboration with a number of agency consortia groups, and as part of your Agency membership application, you have the opportunity to select this and access a discount on your membership.

  • Global 
  • Midcounties 
  • Advantage 
  • InteleTravel 

Membership covered by your Head Office? 

We understand that many of our Agency Members have their CLIA membership arranged through their Head Office. If this is the case, please proceed directly to the Individual Agent Membership application, where your Agency should already be set-up and ready for you to affiliate with.

Looking to secure Multi-Agency Membership? 

Should you be looking to enrol a larger group of travel agencies, we would welcome you to get in touch for a discounted group rate. Please do not complete the online application, and instead contact us at to discuss how we can help.

Blogger / Influencer Membership? 

The CLIA ChooseCruise Club is our Membership category available to Cruise Bloggers or Influencers. It is not available to apply directly online, so we invite you to contact Charlotte at  

I work in the Finance and Administration – should I still access to arrange the payment on behalf of my Agency? 

Yes – we understand that if you work in the Finance and Administration of your Agency, you may not need any of the usual access to training or resources at This is no problem. Once the Agency application has been made, there is no requirement for you to proceed with an Individual Member Application (IAM) - so your Agency still retains all of its available profiles. Do keep a note of your complimentary website login details, so that you can use it again at the time of renewal.

I am a Homeworker – do I also have to create Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs)? 

Yes – just as with a Standard Agency Membership, following the creation and payment of your Homeworking Agency Membership, you are invited to proceed to the Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs) application, to make use of the two available profiles. The first stage of this will ask you to affiliate with the new Homeworking Agency Membership you have just created and paid for.

Terms and Conditions 

To add: Please note that CLIA are currently unable to provide the benefit of a listing within the “Agency Finder” for any agency located outside of the UK & Ireland.

Privacy Policy 

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. This Privacy Policy (together with our CLIA UK & Ireland Terms and Conditions) will inform you as to how we look after your personal data and tell you about your privacy rights and how the law protects you. 

Refund Policy 

Should any applicant for CLIA Agency Membership realise that it is not appropriate for their business and wish to receive a refund, please apply in writing to within 14 days of receiving your membership details.